Vag M


Exhausted by the Parisian tumult, Marie Vagnini has returned to live on her land in Tours since the summer of 2019. Describing herself as a multifaceted painter, a former graphic designer, she moved away from it in the 90s:

“I only know how to draw. Work with computers, that doesn’t interest me.”

It was also the constraint of formats that pushed her to express herself in art rather than in the graphic designer: “I was frustrated at having to limit myself to small spaces”.

For the Street Art Parc – Château de Môh, VAG M painted a heatwave. We see several faces more or less hidden, almost liquefied. A flowing aspect of forms that could almost make one think of Salvador Dali’s soft watches. The colors, mostly cold, contrast with the warmth of the temperatures that inspired her. Before embarking on a work, Marie tries to transcribe through sketches: “I always have plenty, but what I do never looks like it. What I did the day before in another place is never right for me when I have to create. “


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