Born in 1965 in Dole (Jura)
Lives in Pré Saint Gervais and works in Montreuil (studios of Albatros studios)

Artist-photographer, MOHA roams the capital always with an alert eye, camera in hand, always in search of unprecedented human and urban situations. He began his photographs in the 90s, which he fueled on numerous trips, particularly in Asia, discovering a strong interest in scenes of everyday life but also a particular sensitivity for social testimony. The era which saw the development of urban wastelands offered him a new playground. Returning from the Jura, he passed through Sartrouville before settling in Montreuil in the artistic community of Albatross. Self-taught in film, his photographs will be published in the press and exhibited regularly.

15 years of street experiences later, he instinctively produced no less than 1000 photographs, 80 projects carried out thanks to some fifty collaborations.

For the Street Art Parc – Château de Môh, MOHA printed and then stuck on the famous Parisian metro doors, its astonishing urban views. He thus plays on the juxtapositions offered by the transparency of the windows to tell a multiple vision of street scenes.


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