Jacques Halbert

Born in 1955 and originally from Bourgueil, he spent more than 20 years in the USA before settling and working between Paris and Candes-Saint-Martin.

“In 1974, I was 19 and my preoccupation was to bring art to the city. I lived in Bourges and I had proposed pictorial interventions on various houses and buildings, they were all refused to me because they did not fall within the codes of the moment. Finally an architect suggested that I paint on a 60-meter-long fence in Bourges. It was my first achievement, my first painting with the cherry as a motif. This fence is the origin of my work. Like Monsieur Jourdain, “I was doing street art without knowing it! “. A companion to the Fluxus adventure and Eat Art, he has since exhibited in France, Belgium and the USA.

For the Street Art Parc – Château de Môh, Jacques Halbert decided to work on a palisade where he made a replica on wood panels and painting of his first work made in 1970 in Bourges with the famous cherry as a signature motif. It will be the second, 45 years after that which saw the appearance of a work and an attitude. The public space has regularly come across works of the artist, whether it is a car painted in Florida, a scooter transformed into a traveling gallery in the streets of Paris in the mid-1970s, or a 40-meter-long ebusway made In Nantes.



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