Born in 1978 in Saint Brieuc, Samuel Nathan lives and works in Paris.
From his blase ÜRM the madman, Samuel was almost born with a pencil in his hand. Whether it is spray paint, drawing or serigraphs, we find his identifiable touch in these colorful characters with very industrial backgrounds, all with a clear line.

Diversion of advertising and political slogans, half-human, half-robot or even humanoid characters, these creations bear sharp societal criticism.

The artist raises monsters from the bowels of the city. Taking up the codes of comics, and of anticipation films, ÜRM gives us a dark vision of the Anthropocene era, of an invaded nature, devastated by man, himself replaced by technology.

For the Street Art Parc – Château de Môh, ÜRM proposed a howling stag paradoxically stretched out at rest, with a vision of its interior and mechanical skeleton, like a new spirit of the place.


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