Pioneer of the graffiti movement in France from the mid-1980s, Juan-Pablo “POPAY” from Ayguavives lives and works in Paris.

Graffiti artist, painter and graphic designer, a great admirer of the work of Combas and the graphic power of the psychedelic current, he delivers a visceral and organic work.

A native of Barcelona, ​​he also drew on Picasso paintings, comics and animated films. He also claims the musical contribution of the techno of the Tribe hairspring.

Bombs, brushes or airbrushes, popay invests the walls of cities and fills the canvases. Also a digital enthusiast, he polishes his art and disseminates it thanks to his graphic palette: illustrations, record covers, photo prints and video projections. He is now evolving all over Europe in high places of contemporary art. A rich career that made him one of the pioneers of street art.

For the Street Art Parc – Château de Môh, Popay is invited to express himself in 2019 on a fence and has chosen to invest the arena thanks to meticulous work still in progress. Seeming to want to fill the void and invest this unique space in the park continuously, he goes so far as to integrate a column with old gasoline cans. Its bright colors take the historical opposite of this enigmatic place of the Castle.



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