Martin Peronard

Born in Chile in 1974, lives and works in Montreuil

Painter and illustrator, he trained at the School of Fine Arts at the Catholic University of Chile.

He also works in the CANIMAGEN urban art school of painter Mario Murua, which focuses his experience on the autonomy and social approach of painters, promoting the production, creation and independent marketing of their works.

In 2001 he left for Brussels where he took comic strip lessons at the Watermael Boitsfort academy. Arrived in France in 2002, he regularly rubbed shoulders with the world of street art from 2005 and joined an association of artists in Montreuil until 2018. Throughout these years, he accumulated experiences in various artistic fields, such as costume designer and scenography in the entertainment world (Teatro del silencio, company of Maguy Marin), initiation to stop motion animation. From 2006 after meeting with street artists in Belleville, he was invited to actively participate in several urban interventions and also exhibited in various alternative places.

For the Street Art Parc – Château de Môh, Martin Peronard designed a gigantic fresco on site, first painted in B&W as a narrative background on which a hypnotizing and colorful octopus unfolds. Directly painted on site on linen canvas then stretched on a custom frame, his animal effigy seems to capture the visitor and bring him back to his story.


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