Docteur Bergman

Born in 1979 in Courbevoie
Lives and works in Montreuil

After a thesis in biochemistry and molecular biology, Dr. Bergman turned to art and more particularly to the stencil technique.
A fervent defender of the animal cause and an arachnophobic himself, he expresses his love of drawing through his generally dark and realistic graffiti. Large formats allow him to express his molecular obsessions and other chemical translations of reality and nature, which he thus shapes.
He exhibits regularly at Akiza: the gallery, at the lavo // matik, at the gallery ligne 13 and at the Lithium gallery, in Paris but also in Brussels during solos or live performances.
Doctor Bergman is gradually settling on the Parisian scene.

For the Street Art Parc – Château de Môh, Doctor Bergman reproduced the enlarged COVID molecule using the stencil technique. He thus pays a subtle tribute to the beauty that nature can sometimes generate thanks to this almost floral representation of the coronavirus, as if levitating on the tree it would have targeted.
He also declined this very graphic pattern with a stencil on vinyl.